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Davis Safety has been providing a variety of services in all disciplines in the oil, gas, mining & refining industry over the past 18+ years. 


“Safety without a doubt is the most crucial investment we can make. The question is not what it costs us, but what it saves.”

    ~ Robert McKee


Davis Safety believes in having in-depth, practical experience as well as comprehensive, industry based knowledge, combined with formal education. 


We have grown both in available services and personnel with over 150 employees throughout Canada. 


Our team of safety professionals support clients and contractors in loss prevention functions such as pipeline, gas plant and battery construction. We also assist with the expansion of existing facilities and ongoing maintenance, coring programs, hydrology wells, drilling programs and STRAT drilling operations. Davis Safety has been involved in enhanced recovery projects including SAGD, Water Flood and Polymer applications.


We specialize in prejob planning and providing a flexible team, experienced in fast pace work environments no matter how big or small the job is.


We continue to support safety programs for our clients and contractors and work closely to help develop other tools to measure safety performance through the use of leading indicators. 


These site specific audits / assessments identify gaps and hazards preventing incidents before they occur. Through proactive and constant measurements, incident frequency rates have been dramatically reduced. These various tools (audits, inspections, hazard identifications, positive observations and task analysis) have proven to be successful.



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