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"Safety doesn’t just happen. It comes as a result of intelligent planning, thoughtful activity, skillful execution, constant measurement, and continual adjustment."



Davis Safety understands that our clients are always striving to gain competitive advantages and achieve benchmark performance.


We focus on developing superior core competencies around risk management, incident management theory, occupational hygiene, environmental stewardship and ethics.


Support and promote an injury free workplace by coaching, mentoring and giving assistance where needed.

Davis Safety employs health and safety professionals with experience in pipeline construction, drilling, completions, turnarounds, shut downs, facility operations and maintenance, oil and gas, mining, forestry, paper mills, potash and many other industries. We have safety advisors and safety technicians available to support your company’s safety programs, policies, procedures, confined space activities, ground disturbance project (e.g. trenching and excavation), high angle rescue plans, working at height tasks, fugitive emission surveys, optical gas imaging (OGI) , emergency response, spill response, noise surveys, personal monitor repairs, NORMs , benzene, gas detection, breathing air equipment (trailers), emergency showers, safety program development, technical writing, incident investigations, practical loss control, auditing, inspections, and competency checks  

Leadership Development - Provide onsite coaching and mentoring of Safety Leadership for workers on all levels.  This can include coaching/mentoring of field works, front line management, and senior management in all realms of safety. 


Accident/Incident Investigation - Davis Safety can assist in the training of workers for accident/incident investigation for the front line worker and supervision.  We are also certified and capable of conducting investigations of all severity and providing root cause analysis  depending on your Company's culture and tools you utilize.


Competency Assessment - Create templates and audit tools for your organization to assist in conducting competency assessment.  Not only can we develop the necessary tools for your specific needs but we can assist in completing assessments from both a technical and safety perspective.

In June 2015 Davis Safety opened a new facility equipped with state-of-the-art training and conference rooms.


Building is complete with Smart Boards, high tech teleconferencing, remote communication channels and audiometric testing booth. 

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