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Facility Shutdowns / Turnarounds

Down time and lost production can be expensive to a company.
We specialize in prejob planning and providing a flexible team,
experienced in fast pace work environments no matter how big or small
the job is.


How much safety is cost-effective?

“The first duty of business is to survive, and the guiding principle of
business economics is not the maximization of profit. It is the avoidance of loss.” Peter Drucker

Services Include:


  • Rental equipment for respiratory protection, gas detection, fall protection, personal protection, confined space entry and communications

  • Breathing air services

  • Trained onsite personnel to support maintenance, calibration, cleaning and tracking of equipment

  • Respiratory fit testing

  • Safety supplies (PPE)

  • Emergency Response Team (ERT) / High Angle Rescue

  • Safety advisors and technicians

  • Scheduling of people and resources

  • Archived database of activity, cost and equipment

  • Turnaround best practices


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