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Our professionals at Davis Safety work with companies to create an environment and work culture that strive for a zero incident goal.  In the event that work does not go as planned we are here to ensure that mentoring and training throughout all levels of a company, from upper management to workers on the ground, are prepared for the worst and help plan for the best.


We can help you achieve this in a variety of ways:


  • Utilizing safety professionals trained in areas of practical loss control leadership, incident control system 100/200/300, incident investigation, fire safety, media relations,

  • Working with your team in practical training such as tabletop emergency scenarios, in field emergency scenarios to measure response with support equipment and services, and hands on practice with equipment for rescue and control.

  • Assisting in developing and engaging site specific and/or field specific emergency response plans.

  • Providing safety equipment and support staff such as high angle rescue, on site medical units, supplied or self contained air breathing equipment for rescue or daily tasks, air compressor skids to maintain & refill SCBA/SABA equipment, intrinsically safe lighting for potentially flammable atmospheres as well as light towers for everyday or emergency use.  

  • Providing gas detection equipment is available for all situations and environments to ensure work areas are safe for your personnel and equipment.

  • Providing temporary evacuation alarm/air horn systems

Our medical services provided to remote location areas consist of up to date vehicle with a camper that has been designed to meet the needs of providing medical attention to a person in need, as well as providing a private, warm and comfortable environment to perform an assessment of an injury or provide medical attention.


Davis provides medical standby services (EMT, ERT, paramedic) by which businesses can choose the best solution for their environment. 


Please contact us for more information. 


Our Medical Transport units will consist of the following:
2 Type 2 first aid kits supplies
Space blanket
Hot and cold packs
Spine board and straps
Cervical collar 9 adjustable
Splint set
Waterproof waste bags
Drinking cups
Blood pressure cuff
Bandage and scissors
Portable O2 tank with regulator, O2 delivery equipment


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