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At Davis Safety we provide a technical rescue service that is elite to the industry. With our technical rescue specialists and state of the art equipment, we can provide the best service available. The technical rescue specialists at Davis Safety have over 10 years as professionals.


From the tallest towers to advanced confined space rescues we can accomadate to your needs. Our technical rescue specialists can also provide training & instruction followed by the NFPA guidelines. Lastly our team of experts can provide Rescue Plans, Emergency Response Plans & Plant turn around support. The Technicians can also serve a dual role as Emergency Response & Safety Support to help aid in a Safe workplace. Contact us for more details on how we can be of service to your needs.


(Technicians and Operations Levels)

In accordance with NFPA 1670.

We offer all types of industrial rescue including tower rescue, high-angle rescue, low-angle rescue, tri-pod rescue, crane rescue & platform rescue. We also specialize in difficult and unique towers, vessels, tanks and can adapt to any situation to perform our work.

Some of the types of rescues we perform for our clients include, pick-offs with one or two person rescue, full immobilized stokes basket rescue, high line as well as multi directional to adapt to the multi level platform towers with simple and or complex mechanical advantage systems.

We also can provide pre-job consultations for Rescue Plans and Risk Assessments with having one of our senior experts go to site and build detailed rescue plan with input from client.

With the vast knowledge amongst the team we can accommodate to any situation and provide professional rescue as required.  The highly skilled team of Davis Safety rescue techs have various backgrounds ranging from city firefighters with multiple years experience on technical rescue teams to specialized industrial trained techs who have multi level skill sets. Our high angle experts are trained up to the technician level and train regularly so that we can provide a superior service for the client.


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