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Davis Safety’s mission is to provide clients with dynamic safety management. The key to the organization’s success has been in the execution of implementing high level systems simply and effectively in day to day work applications.


Traditional safety approaches in industry have tended to be autocratic in nature and functioned on fear and discipline; however innovative companies need innovative safety systems. 


Davis Safety understands that our clients are always striving to gain competitive advantages and achieve benchmark performance. This is why we focus on developing superior core competencies around risk management, incident theory, occupational hygiene, environmental stewardship and ethics. We are there to create the condition for success by coaching, mentoring and giving support where needed.         


"Safety doesn’t just happen, it comes as a result of intelligent planning, thoughtful activity, skillful execution,   constant measurement, and continual adjustment."  


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - CRSP President


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